Paul Matts – Writer

I am a writer of novels, short stories, flash fiction and non-fiction. My debut novel, ‘Toy Guitars’ is out shortly. And my first novella, an English coming of age story set in punk rock suburbia in 1978, ‘Donny Jackal’, is available in paperback and as an E-book. See

My work has been published in Punk Noir, We Are Cult and Razur Cuts magazines. I have also been featured in the Unlawful Acts blog. My series on influential, but underrated individuals in punk rock and new wave culture, entitled ‘Significant Figures’, has been published on various online platforms and all posts are available on my blog.

All of my published work is on my website ( together with details of my Amazon and Goodreads pages.

I am on social media, and am active on Twitter ( and Facebook (

I live in Leicester, England with my wife and two children. I am a self employed gardener by trade.

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