Paul Matts – Writer

I am a writer of articles on music which features in several magazines. The focus is on the punk and new wave music of the late 1970s onwards, and also on reggae. And occasionally I dabble in other genres.

I also fiction (novels, novellas, flash fiction, short stories) and non-fiction. My debut novella, ‘Donny Jackal’ is out now and is a coming of age kitchen-sink drama set in English punk rock suburbia. It has received five star reviews. Buy ‘Donny Jackal’ by clicking this link..

My debut novel, ‘Toy Guitars’, a family drama set in 1980, is due to be published

I am a regular contributor and reviewer for We Are Cult, Something Else Reviews, Punk Globe, Razur Cuts and Punk Noir magazines. Click below to see my work.

I am active (ish) on social media. See below.

Twitter (


You can email me at the foot of this page.

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